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Event Catering - Phin's Catering Services

We are asked frequently what differentiate us from the other catering companies. After all many catered events seems to always have the same type of food offered. What sets us apart is our dedication to work with every customer in a specialized manner, the quality of our food and the skills of our Chef. This total service standard is what we hold ourselves up to.

One important factor that cannot be neglected is to always bring a listening ear! Any event massive or modest, will be attended to with careful attention and planning. We strive to engage our clients in the first meeting to find out what is desired, and to subsequently provide the perfect menu for the event.

As you browse through the website, you will realize that we have a range of fixed-price catering menus that you can choose from for various occasions. This enables you to breeze through our ordering process if the menu suits. However, if you would like to change certain items, cooking style or to substitute something for a similar value item, our Customer Service Representative will gladly assist you.

If you have a special event that you would like to have our representatives plan the menu, please feel free to drop us an email with details such as budget, preferences, occasion, number of person to cater for, or simply call us and we will be happy to help you.

Planning for Events

A big part of our portfolio is catering for sports event, and corporate parties. Our clients know they can trust us to solve issues pertaining to food. In 2013, a client of ours gave us a challenge to distribute 6000 hotdogs within an hour. That's 100 hotdogs every minute! We came up with an operations plan and proposed it to the client, and on the actual day, the distribution went very smoothly!

At a house party we catered, the client requested for a whole lamb rotisserie spit and we managed to fulfill his request!

We were tasked at another event to distribute 250 cups of sake in 2 mins, and we did it successfully!

Another example of us going beyond the standard is when a corporate client wanted a full service butler-style canapes event but had a venue with no area to hold preparation activities. We had to source for a different location to serve and prepare drinks as well as canapes for the guests. All these were done with full consultation with the client days before the event.

The list goes on…