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CNY Longevity Menu $68.80

SGD68.80 Per pax (Minimum of 40 paxs) Print

Toss For Bountiful Fortune

  • Fa Cai Prosperity Abalone n Smoked Norwegian Salmon Yu Sheng (serves 10)

Treasures Appertizer

  • Delicious Platter of Smoked French Duck Breast, Spring Roll, Ngoh Hiang, Fried Mushrooms

Superior Double Boil Soup

  • Double Boil Winter Melon Soup With Superior Chicken Broth, Fish Maw, Crab Meat, Dried Conpoy And Abalone

Live Station

  • Authentic Popiah Station With Condiments

Live Carving Station

  • Roast Crackling Pork Roulade with Asian Vinaigrette

Hot Entrees

  • Baked Hokkaido Scallop With Goma Sauce With Black And White Toasted Sesame
  • Longevity Ee Fu Noodle with Rich Chicken Stock laced with Seafood
  • NZ Air Flown King Salmon Fillet with Dried Scallop Light Stock topped with Bonito Flakes (Special Indent)
  • Roast Whole Chicken with Sweet Thai Chilli Topped with Chicken Floss
  • Sauteed Air Flown Japanese Shelled Snow Crab Claw with Garlic White Wine Broth
  • Sauteed Peeled Sea Tiger Prawn in Garlic White Wine Broth
  • Signature Chef Handcrafted Fried Toufu with Diced Scallops and Chestnuts
  • Spanish Style Rissotto Rice with Chinese Sausage and Diced Mushroom
  • Stewed Chinese Cabbage with Leek and Mushrooms


  • Assorted Auspicious Chinese New Year Premium Handcrafted Belgium Chocolates
  • Cold Eight Treasures Cheng Tng
  • Cup of Golden Pumpkin Puree in Tiramisu Cream


  • Fortune 100% Orange Juice
  • Premium Rose Chrysanthemum Tea